Mountain Bikers In Quarantine Download

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  • Premiered May 21, 2020

  • Merch: Subscribe to IFHT Films: Subscribe to Mahalo My Dude: Instagram: Facebook: Website: STARRING Jason Lucas (@itsjasonlucas) Matt Dennison (@mattdennison) Andrew Santos (@andrewcsantos) Kaz Yamamura (@kazyamamura) Micayla Gatto (@micaylagatto) Calvin Huth (@calvinhuth) Byron Kopman (@byronkopman) Vaea Verbeeck (@vaeaverbeeck) Bas Van Steenbergen (@basvsteenbergen) Liam Mullany (@liammullany) Chris Clark (@chrisclarkcinema) DIRECTED & EDITED BY Matt Dennison (@mattdennison) ASSISTANT EDITOR Kaz Yamamura (@kazyamamura) SOUND DESIGN Charlie Hernández (@ch.sound) COLOURIST David Tomiak (@davidtomiakcolour) ONLINE EDITOR Ryan Mance GRAPHICS Brooke Taylor (@brookmstaylor) VFX Dan Gaud (@dan_gaud) VOICES Cam McCaul (@Cam McCaul) Tyler McCaul (@Tyler McCaul) Devon Brown (@Oxburger Studios) Dillon Butcher (@dillonbutcher) Mahalo my dude!


  • Alex Gordienko
    Alex Gordienko 1 week ago

    "it was free shipping, and this is the last one.."

  • Ankur Naidu
    Ankur Naidu 1 week ago (edited)

    who else has been waiting all this while for another legendary IFHT film

  • narwold cangiano
    narwold cangiano 1 week ago

    Bruh ive probubly done as much riding in qurentine than what i would do in half a year

  • Mahalo my Dude
    Mahalo my Dude 1 week ago


  • Olympic-grade lurker

    "Oh my god, running's boring."

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala 1 week ago

    Is someone else liking it before watching?

  • Steez of the Century

    Finally, I thought they would never upload again! Thank you IFHT! mahalo my dude, skrt!

  • 2022 Daniel Grenier
    2022 Daniel Grenier 1 week ago

    who else here before the crowd follows like on black friday

  • johnrpan
    johnrpan 1 week ago

    "if you look closely, he actually loses his hands setting his pelvic region right into the handle bars, this kid is going to need another set of nuts, Tyler..."

  • ninjacat 575
    ninjacat 575 1 week ago

    no one:

  • Nicholas Grimm
    Nicholas Grimm 1 week ago (edited)

    "If I wear shammie butter to sleep is that a problem?"

  • lectrician2
    lectrician2 1 week ago

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN,They are back!

  • cjm18
    cjm18 1 week ago

    Quite the opposite for me, done the most riding I would have ever done

  • J&M Cycle
    J&M Cycle 1 week ago

    IFHT really do be CARRYING us through quarantine

  • The Real OG
    The Real OG 1 week ago

    Yo, I just started mountain biking, love your content, good to see you guys again.

  • BSC
    BSC 1 week ago

    This thumbnail is a staple of art

  • Wyatt Rogers
    Wyatt Rogers 1 week ago

    damn whismas was 11 months ago?? feels like it was yesterday lol

  • Matrix Racing
    Matrix Racing 1 week ago

    Who Else Is Here Before The Rush Of People!

  • George Andrew
    George Andrew 1 week ago

    “This kid is going to need another set of nuts, Tyler”. I burst out laughing. Wife wakes up. No more videos for this guy. 😩

  • olliejross
    olliejross 1 week ago

    these guys deserve way more subscribers