Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Official Music Video) Download

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  • Premiered Oct 4, 2019

  • LISTEN EVERYWHERE: http://wmna.sh/10kHours


  • Esinqueen
    Esinqueen 7 months ago (edited)

    That moment when Justin looks like The Justin Bieber again

  • Chris A
    Chris A 3 weeks ago

    I love how they sing to their wives not some chicks they met at a bar

  • angela jimenez
    angela jimenez 2 weeks ago

    Dear stranger whoever reads this: may your parents live over 100 years

  • Priscillx .x
    Priscillx .x 1 month ago

    Director: what models do you want Dan, Shay and Justin: we have wives

  • I'm dumb
    I'm dumb 2 weeks ago

    Even if you hate Justin Bieber you can't hate this song.

  • DFrezz
    DFrezz 7 months ago

    I really like how they use their own wives in the video instead of “actors” or “dancers”

  • Ishmael Sudre
    Ishmael Sudre 4 weeks ago

    0% Nudity

  • F A I T H
    F A I T H 2 days ago

    remember when justin bieber was a teen :( now he's married

  • twitch.tv/alien007
    twitch.tv/alien007 2 days ago

    I love this one girl so much, gonna play this song for her soon. If this doesn't get me out of the friend zone I don't know what will😂

  • R F
    R F 2 weeks ago

    I spent 10,000 hours at home since it's quarantine.

  • Nyla Bissessar
    Nyla Bissessar 7 months ago

    All the single people like this comment 😂

  • Citra Aidilla
    Citra Aidilla 1 month ago (edited)

    Do you love the rain? Does it make you dance

  • Alexis Welch
    Alexis Welch 2 weeks ago

    If you love this song like this

  • Ash Eslit
    Ash Eslit 2 days ago

    If this don't play on my wedding in the future, I won't show up.

  • BKR TV
    BKR TV 2 weeks ago

    This is pure love. You can feel it even tho youre single.

  • Tess KG
    Tess KG 7 months ago

    I’m loving this trend, at least I hope it’s a trend, of male artists using their gfs/wives in videos instead of hired eye candy. So much more real and respectful. ❤️

    JILL HUISO 1 month ago

    Hailey is the one who bring back the Bieber that was once upon a time lost nowhere.

  • Lightning FX
    Lightning FX 2 days ago

    Why do I have this in my head when I didn't even hear it?

  • PRIYA BHOSALE • 25 years ago

    His hair line looks fine here...

  • Anil Pal
    Anil Pal 2 weeks ago

    2 minutes of silence for all the single people.